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Dear men, if you're reading this, you are probably here to buy sexy lingerie for your lady... Or learn how to do it.
If you already tried that weird sports, you probably know that buying lingerie isn't as easy as it seems. For you guys who are total beginners, you better follow these steps before going into a lingerie store or buying online. 

how to buy lingerie online

What can go wrong? 

Well, almost everything. If you pick the smaller size, maybe you're trying to tell her she's fat, and that she needs to get fit to wear that? If you choose the bigger size, well, you definitely think she's fat. What if you pick a pink lingerie set, and your woman doesn't like pink (and you don't know that because you don't listen the most of the time)? Don't take that risk - follow our guide for buying lingerie.  

Buy her something you're sure she would like!

Ok, guys, this one is easy. Pay attention to underwear she already has. Is it ultra sexy, or classic? Does she wear lace or animal prints? What colors does she wear the most? After you get sure what your lady likes, choosing new lingerie will be an easy job for you. 

The right size is extremely important

...especially if you don't buy lingerie in a store where she can go and change it for a bigger or smaller size. So, here's what you should do: Even if it sounds weird, the best solution is to check the sizes of the lingerie she already owns. It may be confusing when it comes to cup sizes, and other measurements, but don't give up! Write it down if you're not sure you'll memorize it.

Buy online

Well, this one is to save you from the embarrassment. Even though there's nothing to be ashamed of, we understand that awkward feeling when you step into the store full of women, trying to figure out which bra you should buy.
Buying online solves you those problems, saves you time, and makes the whole buying process easier... And also gives you the opportunity to see many beautiful models in underwear. Wink, wink!



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